Shaun Menashe, owner of Golden Mean Acupuncture

Shaun Menashe, owner of Golden Mean Acupuncture

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area and graduated with degrees from UCLA and Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine,  Shaun Menashe, LAc, MTOM offers a distinct clinical approach that draws as much on his many years of martial arts training as it does on his professional credentials.

His experience as a student at the Aikido Center of Los Angeles led Shaun to examine more closely various strategies and philosophies (including budō, Chinese medicine, psychology, and Buddhism) and to the conclusion that traditional arts remain relevant to the modern world.  Shaun characterizes his study of Chinese medicine as the vehicle that "gave me tools to explore the relationship between how we experience the world and the way we feel," and considers his clinical practice a daily opportunity to share what he has learned with his patients and fellow wayfarers.

board-certified acupuncturist in the State of California, Shaun's background includes Western medical studies, acupuncture, herbal formulae, Chinese nutrition, and other Eastern approaches to health.  He draws on this diverse background each day at Golden Mean Acupuncture, polishing his character through the practice of acupuncture and Chinese health techniques.


Nell Smircina, MTOM, L.Ac., Dipl. OM received her Master’s Degree from Emperor's College in Santa Monica and is currently completing her doctorate with a research focus of acupuncture for post-surgical recovery. 

Nell Smircina, MTOM, L.Ac., Dipl. OM

Her undergraduate study was in Health Sciences and Physical Therapy, but she wanted an opportunity to address a broader range of issues with her patients holistically and found Chinese Medicine- a medicine which allowed her personally to heal from extensive injuries.

As an avid fitness enthusiast and former gymnast, Nell is very comfortable working with pain and recovery. However, she also has specialized training in stroke rehabilitation, cosmetic acupuncture, and is well versed in utilizing nutrition as part of a treatment plan. She looks at the complete makeup of your health: your environment, lifestyle and goals. Her goal as your healthcare provider is to help educate you to heal yourself- she believes everyone has an ability to reach a higher level of health given the right support.